Reggie Whitten

Reggie Whitten

Reggie Whitten is “on fire” about substance abuse prevention!

Reggie saw firsthand the effects of substance abuse on his son, Brandon: an All-American in high school, well-liked and successful. But Brandon began mixing painkillers and alcohol to lessen the pain from sports-related injury. He became addicted, a journey that would cost him first his girlfriend’s life, and then sadly, his own.

After Brandon’s untimely death, Reggie committed his life to educating others about substance abuse and speaking out against the high cost. His work with FATE has become a journey that has taken him around the world in the hopes that he can alleviate suffering one listener at a time.

This is the FATE Reggie has chosen. And he wants his audiences to know that they, too, can change their FATE.

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