Powerful Drug Abuse Speakers Aid In the Drug Abuse Prevention Fight

FATE is fortunate to have a number of speakers who openly and honestly discuss the realities of drug abuse. Our speakers embody our mission and our passion for education and prevention. Our speakers visit schools, businesses, athletic programs, and individuals all over the state of Oklahoma in order to share our message in the hope that we can impact lives.

FATE’s speakers understand the realities of drug abuse. Founder Reggie Whitten saw the dangerous outcome of drug abuse firsthand in his son Brandon, and has dedicated his life to sharing Brandon’s story.

Reggie shares Brandon’s story so that those who hear it may be able to make a change – in themselves, in their loved ones, or in the lives of anyone they know who may be suffering from drug abuse.

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Reggie Whitten

Reggie Whitten

Reggie Whitten is “on fire” about substance abuse prevention. That’s because he saw firsthand its effects on his son, Brandon.

Reggie saw firsthand the effects of substance abuse on his son, Brandon: an All-American in high school, well-liked and successful. But Brandon began mixing painkillers and alcohol to lessen the pain from sports-related injury. He became addicted, a journey that would cost him first his girlfriend’s life, and then sadly, his own.

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