Reaching Teens to Prevent Substance Abuse

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, statistics show encouraging news: high school age students are showing decreased use of alcohol, cigarettes, and illicit drugs.

This is great news – but our mission remains. Through our substance abuse prevention programs for teens, we hope to further decrease drug abuse and addiction in teens, and prevent more teens from being negatively affected.

Teen Drug Abuse Prevention Through Knowledge

Teens are at a unique stage in life, facing many challenges as they navigate a sea of pressures from peers, coworkers and others, all while looking forward to a life after high school. We want them to face these changes with hope, not trapped in a life of drug abuse or addiction.

We want teens to have a future to look forward to, not one diminished in quality by drug abuse and addiction, or one taken from them too soon. Our youth are the future, and their fate is in their hands at this important crossroads of their lives– we want to help them make the most of it.

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