Drug Awareness Begins Early with FATE’s Youth Drug Prevention Program

Elementary and middle school is the perfect time to reach our children and educate them on the consequences of drug abuse and the dangers of addiction. Children of this age, especially in middle school, not only deal with stresses at home, but also deal with the pressure that comes with striving to gain acceptance from their peers at school. This is a crucial developmental age for these bright minds, and FATE can make a big difference in these students’ futures.

Our Youth Are a Prime Audience for Drug Awareness

We know that it’s more complicated than to “Just Say No.” Our children need to be armed with knowledge, positive influence and mentorship, and the means to make healthy social and emotional choices.

Our elementary and middle school students are a prime audience for our youth drug awareness and prevention programs. We aim to reach these children young, so that hopefully they never have to experience the dangers of drug abuse and addiction.

It’s never too early to reach out to our youth and educate them to prevent drug addiction.

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