A safer college experience through substance abuse prevention

In college, young adults experience a level of freedom unlike any they’ve experienced before. Exposed to a host of new friends and acquaintances, and often living in a new environment, these young adults may encounter drug use and abuse. While students are trying to forge their own path in the world, the hope is that their path won’t include drug abuse or addiction.

In college, you have the freedom to make your own schedule under limited supervision from parents or adults. And with alcohol and drugs are more available than ever before, and drug and alcohol abuse is a very real concern. Seeing them as “part of the college experience” – like many do – normalizes dangerous habits that can lead to a host of problems – both with students’ health and their academic performance.

College drug and substance abuse programs equip students when they need it most

That’s why we speak to college students through our college substance abuse prevention programs. College is the key for many students to a more successful future – and that future doesn’t have to include the dangers and harm that can come from drug and alcohol abuse.

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