Brandon Whitten’s Death Empowered Reggie Whitten to Begin FATE

The death of 25-year-old Brandon Whitten shook his father, Reggie, and took him down a path no parent could ever imagine or want. Brandon was an All-American kid: football player, popular student, beloved son. But while playing college football, Brandon became addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol. Addiction would lead to the death of his girlfriend and three years later, the loss of Brandon’s own life.

Brandon’s untimely death profoundly changed Reggie Whitten’s life. At first he was depressed. Then he was ignited with purpose, starting nonprofit organizations — including the Brandon Whitten Institute at East Central University, and Fighting Addiction Through Education – that invest in the lives of others and aim to fight drug abuse and addiction.

Changing the FATE of Oklahoma with Drug Prevention Education

Through sharing Brandon’s story and the dangerous realities of addiction, Reggie Whitten and FATE are dedicated to changing the culture of substance abuse, sharing testimonials of success, and through drug prevention programs designed to educate and empower.

Reggie Whitten and FATE are standing up against drug abuse and addiction in Oklahoma, hoping to break its dangerous grip on society – one person, one event, and one story at a time.