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How to Properly Dispose of Prescription Medication

If you’ve heard of the opioid crisis, you’ve probably also heard of crackdowns on prescription medications. This is happening because certain opioids are commonly prescribed for pain relief. While they are safe when used over short periods of time as prescribed by a doctor, many people misuse prescription opioids—commonly resulting in addiction or overdose. According

Substance Abuse: 5 Myths and 5 Truths

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Substance abuse—while many relate substance abuse to heroin and cocaine, it encompasses much more. Alcohol, hallucinogens, marijuana, methamphetamine, tobacco, bath salts, and K2 are all abused substances, as well as opioids, steroids, and over-over-the-counter medications—the list goes on. Many don’t realize that addiction affects 10 to 20 percent of the United States population. Although substance

OSU-CHS Addiction Medicine Course Joins the Fight Against Addiction

The opioid crisis has been a major subject of recent conversations. Whether you’ve seen stories on the news or featured in fictional television shows, the opioid epidemic is coming to the forefront of national attention. While prescription drug abuse is commonly addressed in a national setting, the crisis hits close to home in Oklahoma. In

4 Reasons Teens Turn to Drugs and Alcohol

The ten most dangerous years of a person’s life are those between ages 14 and 24. In fact, there are more deaths caused by fatal accidents among teens and young adults in their early 20s than any other age group. Eight percent of Oklahoma’s population abuses prescription drugs and 6,530 students will drop out of

Common Misconceptions About Teen Addiction and Recovery

There are many misconceptions about teen addiction. There are also many erroneous ideas concerning what is “safe” for teens. Due to the prevalent issue of drug and alcohol use across the country, it’s important to look at the facts to determine what is true and false about teen drug and alcohol use, addiction, and recovery.

Countless Ways your Tax-Deductible Donation Makes a Difference at FATE

No matter how big or small, your contributions to FATE matter and can make a world of a difference in the fight against addiction. Addiction is an enormous threat to Americans and it will take many of us banning together to fight it. Help us make those numbers decrease, rather than rise. FATE’s mission is to

Why High School Athletes Should Avoid Alcohol

Think of your favorite movie scene of a team winning the big game. What comes to mind? There is usually celebratory champagne popped, or beer guzzled at a bar with a lot of high fives and back slapping. The result is usually not as cheerful by the end of the night. Alcohol can sound like

How to Support Someone in Drug or Alcohol Recovery

September is National Recovery Month. This month is not only important to provide support to those affected by addiction, but also to educate those who support and care for a recovering addict. We use this opportunity to raise awareness of the disease, start a conversation, and educate the public on addiction. Considering that drug and

How to Host a Fun Summer Party for a Sober Guest

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Summer is a time where many people feel free to let loose and enjoy themselves a little more than they usually would in other seasons. Many enjoy festive activities like pool parties, barbecues, lake trips, and vacations. While most people may jump at the chance for lax schedules and early happy hours, for recovering alcoholics, these outings and activities can add stress and uncertainty.