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Why High School Athletes Should Avoid Alcohol

Think of your favorite movie scene of a team winning the big game. What comes to mind? There is usually celebratory champagne popped, or beer guzzled at a bar with a lot of high fives and back slapping. The result is usually not as cheerful by the end of the night. Alcohol can sound like

How to Support Someone in Drug or Alcohol Recovery

September is National Recovery Month. This month is not only important to provide support to those affected by addiction, but also to educate those who support and care for a recovering addict. We use this opportunity to raise awareness of the disease, start a conversation, and educate the public on addiction. Considering that drug and

How to Host a Fun Summer Party for a Sober Guest

outdoor summer party

Summer is a time where many people feel free to let loose and enjoy themselves a little more than they usually would in other seasons. Many enjoy festive activities like pool parties, barbecues, lake trips, and vacations. While most people may jump at the chance for lax schedules and early happy hours, for recovering alcoholics, these outings and activities can add stress and uncertainty.

Talking to your Child about Staying Alcohol and Drug-Free

Picture the child you love being offered alcohol or drugs for the first time. Do they know how to say no? Are they prepared with their answer? Have you equipped them with the knowledge of why they should resist? Or, will they have no idea how to respond?

Which School Drug and Alcohol Prevention Programs Work?

There is no shortage of drug and alcohol prevention in the United States. But is there a shortage of programs that actually work? From the time President Reagan claimed drugs to be a threat to the United States, to the moment President Nixon declared a “war on drugs,” to present-day awareness of the growing epidemic, hundreds of programs have been created in hopes of keeping young people from becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Open the Dialogue During National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

We understand many parents and guardians don’t believe drug or alcohol addiction could ever affect their child, but access to drugs and alcohol is more prevalent than most adults understand. While it isn’t the easiest conversation to have, educating your child on addiction can ultimately save their life.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace

Not only does substance abuse result in bad morale and low productivity, it’s dangerous. In fact, employees with alcohol dependencies were nearly three times more likely to have injury-related absences, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.